You may only register one child at a time. The registration process must be completed then started over from the beginning to register another child or to register the same child for more than one sport. If child "A" wants to play more than one sport during the same season a separate registration must be created for each sport for child "A". You may do this by clicking the "Register Another Child" button at the bottom of the page at the end of the 1st registration for child "A" instead of the "Check Out" button. you will be redirected to the beginning of the registrations process again and you will now be able to register child "A" for another sport within the same season. The 3rd and 4th registration discounts only apply to registrations within the same season. In order to qualify for the 3rd or 4th registration discount, you must register all of your children at the same time, meaning once you create a register any child for one sport you must hit the "Register Another Child" button and not the "Checkout" button. Once you hit the "Register Another Child" button, you will be redirected to the beginning of the registrations page again, fill it out again and when finished with the 2nd registration, hit the "Register Another Child" button again and do the same process again for a 3rd child or 3rd registration and the discount will apply after the 3rd and 4th registration is complete and you "Check Out". If you experience any difficulties during this entire process do not hesitate to send us an email, we will exhaust every effort in trying to help you. 
Thank you,
The Delran AA Executive Board